Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, UMR1313 Génétique Animale et Biologie Intégrative, 78352 Jouy en Josas, France


PEDIG is a fortran software suited to the analysis of very large populations (up to several tens of million individuals). It is a set of independent programs to

  • manipulate pedigree information : extract and recode pedigree information, search for errors in the pedigree, extract common ancestors
  • characterize the quality of pedigree information.
  • calculate probabilities of gene origin, relationship coefficients, inbreeding coefficients

All these easy-to-use programs are written with the same philosophy and read the same pedigree file which could be initially prepared by the ped_util program which select the individuals of interest and recode them from 1 to n. The software does not rely on specific ordering by age or on birthdates .

Binaries are provided for Windows (and Linux in preparation). Outputs are either in English or in French, according to a compilation option. The archive also includes the source codes, a user’s guide in English and in French, some papers related to PEDIG, and four examples with the pedigree files, the parameters file, the log file and the output files for each program.

download the archive of PEDIG