About QGSP

A high performance computing solution for quantitative genetics software

Genome sequencing has paved the way for the use of genetic maps of very high density for the analysis of genetic variability of complex traits in livestock species. Within the community of geneticists working on animal breeding, there is a strong and rapid evolution of concepts, tools and methods, for the inclusion of data from high-throughput genotyping and phenotyping.

The software of quantitative genetics are now supporting memory load imposed by this huge amount of data and that are generated by the computational complexity of new methodologies exploiting the nature of this information. In addition, quantitative geneticists have to manipulate such large datasets (read and format conversion) and analyse them using multiple runtime contexts (cluster machine, server computing, graphics processors) depending of the software requirements.

The Quantitative Genetics Software Platform aims to meet these needs by centralizing source software together with its documentations produced by scientists at the Animal Genetics Division of INRA. Moreover, QGSP provides a runtime Galaxy based High-Performance Computing environment simplified and open to the community of geneticists working in animal breeding.