Genomic Selection --- Gibbs Sampling --- Gauss Seidel

(and BayesCπ and Bayesian Lasso)

This program has been partially financed by FEDER European funds through POCTEFA


  • A. Legarra (contact author), INRA
  • A. Ricard, Haras nationaux, INRA
  • O. Filangi, INRA


GS3 estimates effects of SNPs, either using a priori normal distributions (GBLUP), or the Bayesian Lasso or a mixture of π normal and 1-π a mass point at 0, namely BayesCπ.

The program is self-contained, using modules from Ignacy Misztal's BLUPF90 distribution at Some functions and subroutines have been taken from the Alan Miller web page. It has been tested with  NAG f95, ifort and gfortran >=4.3.

Gustavo de los Campos helped us with the heterogenous variances and an R code for the Bayesian Lasso.

For more information and download software sources and binaries, see the Andrès Legarra web page.